Walter E Williams: Conflicting Visions

For the most part, people share common goals. Most of us want poor people to enjoy higher standards of living, greater traffic 
safety, more world peace, greater racial harmony, cleaner air and water, and less crime. Despite the fact that people have common goals, we often see them grouped into contentious factions, fighting tooth and nail to promote polar opposite government policies in the name of achieving a commonly held goal. The conflict is centered around the means to achieve goals rather than the goals themselves. The policies that become law often have the unintended consequence of sabotaging the achievement of the stated goal.  ... MORE

The Government Is Not Us

Latest Update: July 30, 2017
It’s your money but you can’t have it:  EU proposes bank account freezes
State law forces bystanders to help police making arrest — or go to jail
Massachusetts drug bill would imprison you for having a hidden compartment in your car
Senate bill to force citizens to register cash not in a bank, violators get 10 years in prison
Colorado cops used warrantless searches on the poor to imprison them and train police dogs
All crimes are legal when government is the perp: The FBI and child porn
VIDEO: John Stossel: The Audacity of the Elites

Jeff Sessions Lets Cops Be Robbers

Donald Trump does not know what civil asset forfeiture is, but he wants to see more of it.

Justice Is A Result, Not Just A Process

Latest Update: July 29, 2017
Jurors have power to judge evidence and the law itself
Senators from the right and the left come together for criminal justice reform
Civil asset forfeiture: where due process goes to die
Trial begins for man accused of spreading the word about jury nullification
When they nullify the law, jurors are just doing their jobs
A law professor explains why if you are innocent, you should NOT talk to police 
VIDEO: Jury Nullification - The Law You Won't Be Told