What was Behind America's War on Drugs?

From the History Channel, essential information you were not taught in school.

2nd Amendment Assaults

Latest Update: June 23, 2017
The NRA shuns a Second Amendment martyr
Bullet-proof posters to hide behind in case the "gun-free zone" sign isn't working
Trump releases his plan for 2nd Amendment … leaves millions furious
A resounding vote against Due Process and the Second Amendment
Thought police order psych exam for student who made anti-gun control video

Walter E Williams: Rewriting American History

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” -- George Orwell

Media Bias On Parade

Latest Update: May 31, 2017
Harvard study acknowledges huge media bias 
The New York Times' anti-Trump tax coverage goes off the rails
The media bubble is worse than you think
Media Bias 101: The Susan Rice Edition
Support a free press in America: Donate to Wikileaks
A lack of objectivity - VIDEO: Can you trust the media?

The War On Unapproved Voluntary Exchange

Latest Update: May 31, 2017
The DEA says ‘marijuana is not medicine’ — reality says otherwise
The states are revolting; marijuana legalization not just happening at the ballot box 
Trump doubles down on failed drug war; wants more prisons less freedom
The deadly war on drugs, waged by your local SWAT team
American sex police, the FBI returns to its roots as the nation's vice squad
The war on drugs is a war on people