Politics & Other Official Acts Of Corruption

Economic Policy: Statism Vs The Free Market

Latest Update: April 27, 2017

Justice Is A Result, Not Just A Process

Latest Update: April 27, 2017
A law professor explains why if you are innocent, you should NOT talk to police 
VIDEO: Jury Nullification - The Law You Won't Be Told

Defense Versus The War Machine

The Government Is Not Us

Latest Update: April 15, 2017
Leaked NSA malware threatens Windows users around the world
Man rescues a dying baby bear and now may face charges for doing so
Scrubbed from textbooks: The U.S. government’s national experiment in extermination
Obama ordered abuse of intelligence to sabotage Trump policies
U.S. airport pat-downs are about to get more invasive
VIDEO: Rand Paul: Audit the Fed
All crimes are legal when government is the perp: The FBI and child porn
VIDEO: John Stossel: The Audacity of the Elites

Government Is Watching Every Move You Make

Latest Update: April 15, 2017
If the government cannot be trusted, can it protect the nation?
Did the government spy on Trump? Of course. It spies on all of us!
UK public faces mass invasion of privacy as big data and surveillance merge
VIDEO: John W Whitehead: The War on the American People
Google is recording everything you say here’s how to hear it, delete it, and stop it
377 words you can't say online without being surveilled

Individual Liberty: America's First Principle

Latest Update: April 15, 2017
Breaking up California is an idea that won't go away, for good reason
Are you a collectivist?
WALTER E WILLIAMS - Let's Fight Tyranny
VIDEO: Walter E Williams - Secession and Nullification
The Obama legacy: An assault on the Bill of Rights
VIDEO: Ben Sasse - Limited Government
VIDEO: Richard Epstein - Limited Government Spinning Out of Control
ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Due Process is Vital to Freedom