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Michelle Malkin: Obamacare’s Tax-Time Torment

The bumbling Obamacare bureaucracy.   Thousands of taxpayers must do without a form needed to claim a tax credit for their overpriced health-insurance premiums. Where is my 1095-A? This is what it must be like dealing with a government agency in a third world country.” That was the lament on Twitter of just one poor citizen this week trying   ... MORE

The Causes Of The Greek Economic Crisis – And The Cure

by Jaana Woiceshyn.  New headlines and news stories about Greece’s looming economic collapse appear daily. This weekend, the National Post has a series of articles on the theme “Greece on the brink.” Some point the finger at the country’s political leadership: “The negotiation game: Greece’s debt crisis a case study in the art of brinksmanship.”  ... MORE

American Families Are Being Economically Destroyed

by Michael Snyder.     The systematic destruction of the American way of life is happening all around us, and yet most people have no idea what is happening.  Once upon a time in America, if you were responsible and hard working you could get a good paying job that could support a middle class lifestyle for an entire family even if you only had a high    ... MORE

Look Out, Taxpayers: Student Loans Aren’t Being Repaid

More government folly comes home to roost.     The more than $1 trillion in student loan debt is a looming problem for taxpayers because the borrowers aren't paying it back in great numbers or amounts. "Widespread failure to repay is a problem for the lender, in this case, federal taxpayers," economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of   ... MORE

Ira Stoll: Government-Backed Green Energy Goes Bust

What the Xunlight bankruptcy reveals about cronyism.  The recent Chapter 7 bankruptcy and liquidation filing of the Toledo, Ohio-based solar-panel manufacturer Xunlight Corp. has attracted barely any national attention. Maybe it’s gotten to the point—after Solyndra, Evergreen, Abound, and Satcon—that the failure of another    ... MORE

Obama's Green-Energy Scams Leave Taxpayers In The Red

by Justin Sykes.       How we gave China a stimulus. It’s been more than five years since President Obama signed his misguided economic-stimulus package into law, creating green-energy subsidies and expanding others, but American taxpayers are still feeling its disastrous effects. This month a deal was reached between competing creditors of      ... MORE

Matt Welch: Obama's Mourning In America

Presiding over diminished expectations.     One of the best ways to survive the grotesque and empty power pageantry of Washington's annual State of the Union extravaganza is by visiting the University of California, Santa Barbara's online archive of past addresses and looking up the speeches that corresponded to where the current POTUS     ... MORE

Steve Chapman: For Ships Of State, A Looming Iceberg

The crushing burden of government employee pensions.     If you're in the hospital with multiple fractures, a staph infection and a collapsed lung, you may not take great comfort when your doctor informs you that his last patient has it worse, being dead. Sometimes encouraging comparisons are not that encouraging. So Chicagoans didn't        ... MORE

Veronique de Ruby: Slouching Toward Bankruptcy

Its dangerous to put off Social Security reform.    In November 2004, President George W. Bush was re-elected after campaigning on personal accounts for Social Security. It was unfair, he argued at the time, to make a generation of young people pay into a system that's going broke. Bush's plan promised to make the program solvent,     ... MORE

Steven Greenhut: Detroit’s Long Road To The Bottom

The Motor City’s path to economic ruin.    Californians frustrated by the state’s long-term fiscal situation sometimes throw up their hands and declare that things must get worse before they get better. Let the tax-and-spenders have at it, they say, and then voters eventually will wake up and change their ways. Unfortunately, “eventually” can   ... MORE

Daniel Hannan: Statism Is Turning America Into Detroit

Ayn Rand's Starnesville comes to life.    Look at this description of Detroit from today’s Observer: What isn’t dumped is stolen. Factories and homes have largely been stripped of anything of value, so thieves now target cars’ catalytic converters. Illiteracy runs at around 47%; half the adults in some areas are unemployed. In many          ... MORE

John Stossel: Stalled Motor City

The laws of economics must be racist.       MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry — the same TV commentator who said Americans need to stop raising kids as if they belong to individual families — had an extraordinary explanation for why the city of Detroit sought to declare bankruptcy last week: not enough government. "This is what it looks like when   ... MORE

VIDEO: Detroit's Tragedy And How To Fix It

Louis Woodhill: The Folly Of Government Venture Capital

Another $171 million taxpayer dollars down the tubes. If you go to, you see a picture of a red Fisker Karma sedan and the words, “Welcome.  New Site coming soon.”  Ominously, if you click on the “Tomorrow” link at the top of the page, nothing happens.  In fact, none of the links on the page produce any    ... MORE