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IRS Possessed Stingray Cellphone Surveillance Gear - Why?

by Nicky Woolf and William Green.     13th federal agency to use secretive dragnet!  The Internal Revenue Service is the latest in a growing list of US federal agencies known to have possessed the sophisticated cellphone dragnet equipment known as Stingray, according to documents obtained by the Guardian. Invoices obtained following a request  ... MORE

Charles P. Pierce: The Senate's New 'Give The NSA All Your Private Information' Bill Would Make George Orwell Blush

Scare tactics push big government agenda forward.     While nobody was watching, the Senate a couple of days ago passed something called the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), which passed at least partly because if you say "Cyber warfare, boogedy-boogedy!" around nervous legislators these days, they'll pass a bill agreeing to  ... MORE

Proof The System Is Broken Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

by Carlos Miller.        Serving the public like Colonel Sanders serves chicken. Juley Harris pulled into a Maryland gas station last December with his family and pumped some gas before stepping into the station’s convenience store and heating up a pizza. When he stepped out, a Charles County sheriff’s deputy was demanding his identification,      ... MORE

Joseph Farah: 3 Reasons You Can't Trust Washington

Love your country, but never trust your gov't - Bob Novak. Far too many Americans have come to the conclusion that only the federal government can solve problems.  The Democrats all believe it.  Lots of Republican politicians accept it.  For the news media, it’s an article of faith.  But America was founded on the notion that powerful  ... MORE

From Free Country To Police State: Cal Mayor Forced To Give Up Electronics And Passwords To SFO Airport Gestapo

by Nathan Mattise.     Just a routine warrantless search. Stockton, California Mayor Anthony R. Silva attended a recent mayor's conference in China, but his return trip took a bit longer than usual. At the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) this week, agents with the Department of Homeland Security detained Silva and confiscated his personal  ... MORE

Police State America: NJ Supreme Court Overrules Fourth Amendment - No Warrants Necessary To Search Vehicles

by Joe Gullo.   Why citizens need to understand jury nullification. New Jersey Supreme Court ruling will allow police to search a vehicle without a warrant. According to the ruling, warrantless searches of vehicles can only be done when police have probable cause to believe the vehicle contains contraband or evidence and the circumstances give rise to        ... MORE

DEA Blasted For No-Warrant Searches Of Patient Records

by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos.     More evidence the government is not us. Drug Enforcement Administration agents have been accessing personal medical files without a warrant, generating a backlash from doctors and privacy advocates who say the practice is intrusive and unconstitutional -- and have taken the agency to court. “It’s just not right,”    ... MORE

VIDEO: 8 Tips To Avoid Being A Drug War Statistic

Even In The Age Of Medical Marijuana, Court Rules Smell Of Pot Can Be Used As Pretense For Warrantless Search

by Tom Barlas. A New Jersey’s man attempt to use the state’s medical marijuana law to overturn a criminal conviction went up in smoke this week. A state appeals court ruled Tuesday that the smell of marijuana can still be used by law enforcement as the grounds for a warrantless search. The appeals court rejected George A. Meyer’s argument that    ... MORE

Henry Austin: North Dakota Becomes The First American State To Legalize Deployment Of Armed Drones By Police

The state gets a new toy.  Armed drones could be used by police in the US state of North Dakota after local lawmakers legalized their use. While they will be limited to “less than lethal” weapons, tear gas, tasers, rubber bullets and pepper spray could all be used in theory by the remote controlled flying machines. In a classic case of unintended      ... MORE

Chris Christie Has No Problem With Warrantless Searches

by Aaron Morrison.   Thinks arbitrary stop and frisk is good idea. If Chris Christie were to run and win a mayoral election in New York City, he would bring back a racially discriminatory police strategy that current Mayor Bill de Blasio did away with two years. Christie, who is governor of New Jersey, told the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe talk show     ... MORE

Mark Meckler: The Overarmed And Dangerous Police State

More guns than brains makes for a bad combo. Imagine waking up at 5:30 a.m. in your third-floor apartment to a SWAT team raiding your family with guns drawn. You’re barely clothed, but you immediately grab your seven-year-old and 18-month-old daughters. You begin praying, hoping that everything will be okay and you will all survive.     ... MORE

Baltimore Attorneys Reviewing 2,000 Cases Where Police Secretly Used Phone Tracking Devices On Petty Criminals

by Wils Robinson.   Lawyers in Baltimore are challenging almost 2,000 criminal cases where police secretly used cell phone tracking devices. Defense attorneys will reportedly ask the judge to 'throw out' a number of the cases where cops tracked down a suspect with stingray and reopen a 'large number' of others. It is a device that acts as a cellphone  ... MORE

Orwellian Justice Upholds NSA Spying on Americans: Court of Appeals Upholds Unconstitutional Mass Surveillance

by Stephen Lendman. Virtually unrestricted NSA data mining tramples on Fourth Amendment rights brazenly. In December 2013, Federal District Court of the District of Columbia Judge Richard Leon ruled NSA spying unconstitutional, saying: The threshold issue is whether plaintiffs have a reasonable expectation of privacy that is violated when the     ... MORE

John W. Whitehead: The Raping Of America

Mile markers on the road to fascism.“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”—Martin Luther King Jr. There’s an ill will blowing across the country. The economy is tanking. The people are directionless, and politics provides no answer. And like former regimes, the militarized police have stepped up  ... MORE

Do Christians & Conservatives Really Desire A Police State?

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin.  Washington's criminal class is bipartisan. A Nazi-like, Stalin-like, Mao-like Police State is being constructed in earnest in America. It started with the Patriot Act in 2001. And it has only gotten worse every year since. And, in reality, this burgeoning Police State has no serious opposition–with the exception of 75 million + gun owners.  ... MORE

Drug War Update - Jacob Sullum: Texas Cops Sexually Assault Another Motorist In The Name Of Pot Prohibition

Another warrantless roadside cavity probe.      What is it with Texas cops and roadside vaginal searches? Last May I described three strikingly similar cases in which Texas troopers fruitlessly looked for marijuana in the private parts of women pulled over for minor traffic offenses. The incidents were outrageous enough to inspire a new  ... MORE

Tim Cushing: Getting Behind The Wheel Is Pretty Much Kissing Your 4th Amendment Protections Goodbye

Cars are for criminals.       There's been more good news than bad concerning the Fourth Amendment recently. In addition to the Supreme Court's ruling that searches of cellphones incident to arrest now require a warrant, various circuit court decisions on cell site location info and the surreptitious use of GPS tracking devices may see the nation's    ... MORE

John W Whitehead: Drivers, Beware Of The Costly, Deadly Dangers Of Traffic Stops In The American Police State

"Comply or die" is the new police state motto. Trying to predict the outcome of any encounter with the police is a bit like playing Russian roulette: most of the time you will emerge relatively unscathed, although decidedly poorer and less secure about your rights, but there’s always the chance that an encounter will turn deadly. The odds weren’t    ... MORE